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Kapornak Tájház 1 copy

Near the Slovene-Hungarian border there is a village called Krplivnik, that can boast one of the most beautiful homesteads in the region. The homestead, built in the 20th century on the former site of the largest distillery in the area, is today home to a rich ethnographical collection. The Škerlak homestead, which opened its doors in 1997, is a great example of a large farm-holding of the socio-economic life in the past. Visitors can see a traditionally furnished kitchen, bedroom and apiary. There are also many interesting objects to be seen: a collection of old farm tools, shelf cabinet, tin and earthenware, the bride’s closet, mortar and baskets made of wicker and straw. In the yard there is a nature reserve and botanical garden (called Tündérkert) which aims to preserve native tree species.

Krplivnik – Kapornak
9205 Hodoš – Hodos

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