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Pártosfalva Matzenauer romkastély 1 copy

The picturesque ruins of the Matzenau Mansion, built in the beginning of the 19th century, is the perfect spot for tourists searching for locations that have an air of mystery surrounding them… The last owner of the mansion was the Austrian consul Carl von Matzenauer, whose documents, books and weapons collection and paintings bear witness of the old times. Only the family crest remains of the opulent mansion and a few tall trees, that were part of its surrounding park. Today, visiting the ruins is like taking a trip to the past.

Prosenjakovci – Pártosfalva 37
9207 Prosenjakovci – Pártosfalva

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Source: Göncz László, 2009: Barangolás a Muravidéken. 19–20.

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