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Hímestojàs kiállítás 5 copyThe Easter Egg is an indispensable symbol of Easter. In Dobrovnik, there is a traditional Easter Egg exhibition every year, where visitors can see truly breathtakingly decorated Easter Eggs.

At the opening, the Easter Egg makers hold a show of different egg decorating techniques. Ever since 1800, in Dobrovnik, the most common technique for egg decoration is the batik technique. They use a pen, bee wax, fire to melt the wax, red and black dyes for dual colouring. In this area, they also use the scratching technique. In this case, they colour the eggs and with the help of a sharp object – a knife – they scratch different motifs into the egg shell. They often dye the eggs with onion peel water and they use etching as a technique.

The preservation of the Easter traditions in Dobrovnik is continued within families, therefore, it comes as no surprise that the younger generations know of the old traditional techniques with motifs, that have 120 years of tradition.

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