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Esemény Vágta 2018 10 copyThis year’s Pomurje Gallop was organised as part of the Village Days in Gaberje. 

At the ceremonial opening, the speeches were given by Edit Varga, vice president of the Pomurje Hungarian Self-Governing National Community, Judit Pirityiné Szabó, Head of the Secretariat for National Policy in the Hungarian Government, Judit Vida Törnar, president of the Pomurje Hungarian Self-Governing National Community of Lendava Municipality, Teodor Varga, main organiser of the event, and Csaba Bendes, representative of the National Gallop. The keynote speakers highlighted the importance of the event, the importance of its formation and the importance of the national unity.

The pinnacles of the day were the qualifying races and the finale of the race within which riders competed in two categories: the Hungarian National Gallop and the Slovene National Gallop. This year, in the first category, there were five contestants:  József Biró – Dolga vas, József Horváth – Petišovci, Péter Sáfrányos – Hodoš, Erik Somi – Dobrovnik in Žužana Toplak – Kamovci. The winner of the final race was József Horváth, second place was won by József Biró and third place was won by Erik Somi – these three entrants qualified for the National Gallop 2018, that was to be held in Budapest. In the category of Slovenian riders, Božidar Borko, Martin Gjerek and Matej Grebenjak competed. In Budapest, Slovenia was represented in September by Matej Grebenjak from Petišovci.

The Gallop was full of interesting events for visitors of all ages. The children could ride ponies and go for a ride in one of the coaches. One of the highlights of the event was the horsemanship show performed by the mounted horse-herdsmen of the Csákberényi Csikós ensemble from Hungary. Their performance included typical acts of the herdsmen such as cracking whips while standing on the back of their horses, making the horses lie down or the joint whipping symphony. There was a greyhound race organised by Országos Agarász Egyesület, a children's folk festival, and a horse jumping show by Rencsi Lovasudvar. The event finished with a concert by the Kónyai Gipsy Band.

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