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Every year, in the middle of August, Lendava holds an international Fisherman’s soup cooking competition, that is known to e the biggest gastronomy event of the Hungarians living in Pomurje.

The teams come from Slovenia and neighbouring countries to make the best Fisherman’s soup. While the tasty stew is slowly cooking in the cooking pots, the teams and visitors can enjoy some local wines, make merry and taste other foods. When the soup is done, the teams prepare samples for the five-member professional panel. However, the competition is not only about the soup, it is equally important to have a tidy and neat competition spot.

This cooking competition event offers various other dishes and food and is an interesting cultural event, full of entertainment for all ages and is sure to brighten the day of every single visitor. This event is also an International Folklore Festival, which makes the cook-off even more interesting and entertaining.

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