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DSC08288 copyAt the headquarters of the Hungarian Self-Governing National Community of Pomurje there was a press conference, where the results of the Program for the Promotion of Investment in the Economy of the Hungarian Minority Community 2017 -2020 for the fiscal year of 2018 were announced.


Ferenc Horváth, the president of the Hungarian Self-Governing National Community, concluded that the goals, set last year, have been fulfilled. In addition, he emphasised the significance of these financial incentives that the Slovenian and Hungarian government give out for the development of the economy in the area where the autochthonous members of the Hungarian community live.

For the fiscal year of 2018, for three measures of the Program, 700,000 euros was available, as follows:

Measure 1: Encouraging Investments in Economy – 260,000 euros; The Hungarian Self-Governing National Community tendered the grants and fully expended them. With the implementation of the co-financed projects, all five beneficiaries of the call for tenders JR PMSNS - ANS UKREP 1/1-2018, can make new products and offer new services or modernise their production.

Measure 2: Encouraging Investments in Tourism and Tourist Services

 320,000 euros, of which 319,335.15 euros were granted for the renovation of the interior and exterior of the existing Ethnographic houses and the interior of the Bánffy Centre. The watchtowers in Hodoš and Krplivnik were also renovated. A piece of real-estate was purchased with the intent of opening an ethnographic house in the next fiscal year.

Measure 4: The Promotion of the Area and Supporting the Implementation of the Program: -120,000 euros which the Hungarian Self-Governing National Community has expended in its entirety. Under this measure, they have made several short promotional films, purchased computer and communication equipment for ethnographic houses, and prepared and issued promotional material for the promotion of the area. At the press conference the webpage was launched that was established as part of the program. The webpage is intended for the bilingual municipalities and is going to be updated with relevant and fresh content.

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