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1A part of the rich folk tradition in the bilingual area of Prekmurje are the Easter eggs that are made in a traditional way: with the help of bee wax, a pen and black and red dye.

DSC 0215 copyEmbroidery is one of the most common types of handiwork. It probably dates back hundreds of years when they used to sew together various types of cloth and embroidered it with different motifs. Embroidery is a type of folk art with a system of symbols, made with different materials, techniques and motifs.

IMG 20190306 163927 copy72 years ago, on the 15th of June, 1947, the Virgin Mary appeared to József Füle, a villager from Radmožanci, in Črni Log (Black grove).

DSC 0531In the past, the bulk of work for peasants was the harvest, which was done by hand. The workers went to the wheat fields with their scythes on their shoulders. The work took a long to finish and everyone helped, including children and the elderly, for the little seeds were the main ingredient of their food.

2As people of the modern age, we know little about the folk traditions that reflect the spiritual and cultural world of the people in the past.

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