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2As people of the modern age, we know little about the folk traditions that reflect the spiritual and cultural world of the people in the past.

In the past, the stripping of feathers and the shelling of pumpkin seeds was regarded as something people passed the time with in winter, when all the villagers would gather together and the women would remove the quills from feathers whilst the men shelled pumpkin seeds. While working, there was always time for a pleasant chat and fun. The feathers were used as a filling for cushions and duvets, the pumpkin seeds were ground into a delicious, homemade pumpkin seed oil.

Stripping feathers and shelling pumpkin seeds is a tradition that is still maintained in some parts. One of those villages is Središče, where the villagers are trying to preserve the treasured folk traditions. For this reason, the Antal Ferenc Cultural Society has been holding many events, inviting villagers and guests from across the border.

Irena Gaal from Središče fondly remembers the good old days, with its chores and customs. According to her, preserving the customs and passing them to younger generations is of utmost importance and, for that reason, she is most willing to tell stories about the memories she has of stripping feathers and shelling pumpkin seeds.

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