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IMG 20190306 163927 copy72 years ago, on the 15th of June, 1947, the Virgin Mary appeared to József Füle, a villager from Radmožanci, in Črni Log (Black grove).

The news of Mary’s apparition travelled fast and the people started to visit the tree. The government did not take kindly to such gatherings and József Füle was jailed. When he was released, he showed a rosary he had found on his bed to his daughter, Margit Szabó. They were confused, because his rosary was confiscated when he was jailed and nobody had seen that rosary before.

There are many stories about apparitions in Črni Log as well as miracles. There are legends of the Lady, dressed in white; about the miraculous healing of a girl; about a man, who wanted to fell the oak above which the Virgin Mary had appeared, but whose hand was rendered immobile; about a boy that spent a cold, winter night next to the tree, which was giving off warmth; and about foresters that refused to fell the oak despite orders to do so.

Every year, masses are held by the tree in memory of Mary’s apparition. The tree is a popular spot for pilgrims, who want to find their inner peace, comfort and hope.

Margit Szabó, granddaughter of József Füle, has told us about her memories of the apparition of Mary and about the events that could be considered miraculous.

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