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csuheIt´s that time of year again. December is here, when families gather together to spend precious moments with the ones they love.

An important part of these gatherings is also the decoration of the Christmas tree. Due to the available ready-made Christmas decorations, such as glass baubles, ornaments and edible decorations, the usage of Christmas ornaments changed drastically in the recent past and ready-made ornaments completely pushed out ornaments that were traditionally made from natural materials. Nonetheless, the past couple of years have shown that decorating your Christmas tree with natural material ornaments is becoming popular again. More and more people are choosing to decorate their trees with gingerbread cookies or corn husk figurines which do indeed make Christmas trees look even more magical.

However, undamaged and soaked corn husks can also be used to make a number of useful objects as well as various Christmas ornaments. Even though this craft was thought to be dying out, there are still good number of young people who are willing to spend their time learning the skills of corn husk art.

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