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The geographical and historical exhibition titled “Bourgeoisie, Printing and Umbrella Manufacture in Lendava” is housed in a former townhouse on the main street, called Glavna ulica. The façade of one of the more imposing neo-baroque buildings in Pomurje is decorated with elegantly crafted mouldings. The house was built in the first half of the 20th century, with a shop on the ground floor and an apartment above. Visitors can have a glimpse of the lives of the former bourgeoisie of Lendava. The town boasted an umbrella factory, the first umbrella and parasol factory in the area of the former Austro-Hungarian monarchy. The factory emerged in 1903 from Béla Wortmáns’ dressmaker’s shop. The umbrella factory was, with some interruptions, open until 2001. Photographs and documents about the founding of the factory, as well as umbrella-making process descriptions are exhibited. Printing in Lendava started in the 19th century, more accurately in 1889, when Gábor Kardos founded the first printing press. By 1910, thanks to the Balkányi family, printing had a prominent role in the town, therefore the printing press, stationery and bookshop are also displayed. The first apothecary in Lendava was founded in 1835 by Béla Kiss, who, fifty years later, sold it to Nándor Fúss Frigyes, a very well-respected resident of the town. Later, the apothecary was owned by different persons. In the building, pharmaceutical equipment from the 19th century is also exhibited.

Glavna ulica – Fő utca 52
9220 Lendava – Lendva

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