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Today, as part of a public tender for the promotion of investment in the economy in the area inhabited by members of the autochthonous Hungarian national community - Measure 1 of the Program for the Promotion of the Economic Basis of the Hungarian National Community 2017–2020 (JR PMSNS – ANS UKREP 1/1 2018), at the head office of PMSNS, the signing of contracts to co-finance took place with the following companies: Arma, Arpad Žoldoš, s.p., Vinko Kramar s.p., Legartis, gradbeno podjetje d.o.o., Martmetal d.o.o. in Purlen d.o.o.

The total value of the co-financing of the implementation of the projects is 260,000 euros of the grant for the financial year 2018. The funds are provided by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology no. 160045 - Development of Areas of National Communities. PMSNS will only co-finance the eligible costs incurred from the date of submission of the application to the public tender and no later than 30.9.2018 at the latest. The implementation of the projects foresees 4 new jobs.


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