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DSC 0215 copyEmbroidery is one of the most common types of handiwork. It probably dates back hundreds of years when they used to sew together various types of cloth and embroidered it with different motifs. Embroidery is a type of folk art with a system of symbols, made with different materials, techniques and motifs.

In Prekmurje embroidery has a long and rich tradition that is kept alive in numerous handiwork societies. In these parts, the most famous embroidery is the Hetiške vezenine, which is made with a very distinct technique of embroidery and stitches. One of these is the embroidering of a white linen that has hand-drawn motifs of flowers on it. The products are lined with simple lace or tassel fringe.

It is very important to preserve this heritage. Mária Németh from Kapca felt the same way, when she was telling us stories about the secrets of embroidery, memories and experiences she has had.

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